Setting up a SQL Server Lab on your laptop using Hyper-V

Setting a Lab in this day and age is like re-inventing the wheel,  with Cloud at our disposal and plethora of virtual Labs available. Both Azure and AWS offers free credits up to tune of $150/mo or $100/mo to test their products, (MSDN subscription, AWS free credits , other offers) but  sometimes your want of building  from ground up takes control and you jump in without giving a second thought

Setup: Two Domain with two servers in each domain

My desire to do this was to achieve following tasks.

  1. one domain being windows only and other domain Being Rhel/Ubuntu with Windows as Domain controller
  2. Integrate Linux server into a Windows Domain
  3. Test Always on Failover between multi subnet or different Domains
    or between Linux and Windows
  4. Log Shipping, Mirroring , Replication between Windows and Linux

I know these are quite a few tasks to do but with tools like VirtualBox and Hyper-v  and increasing configuration in personal systems it has become relatively easy to have this setup.

My Laptops configuration to do this are

OS: Windows 10 Pro (Hyper-V is supported  only on Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise)


Storage: 1 TB HDD and  128 GB SSD,

Processor:  Intel i7 -7700 HQ @2800 MHz with 4 Cores.

Virtualization S/W: Hyper-V

Software’s or Tools used:

PowerShell to Run AutomatedLab : This helps in building lab fast without the need of manual intervention.

Windows Server 2016 evaluation Edition

SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition for Windows Server

Red Hat Linux Server edition  try for 30 days

Ubuntu Server

SQL Server Management Studio v17.x

SQL Server Operations Studio for Installing on Linux server’s

I have tried using hyper-v and virtual box but in my experience when I try this with virtual box my system slows down and doing even mundane tasks is a pain, with Hyper-V it was smooth sailing all the way.

I know I have a lot to achieve so to make it more readable and not be overwhelming I will make this into short blog posts

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