Change the default installation path of SQL Server Management Studio

Microsoft has separated installation of SSMS from SQL Server Engine Installation since SQL Server 2016 and if you see the SQL server setup page it has an option to Install SSMS

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SQL Script to find disk space on the server including mount point space

DBA’s are faced with this issue most of the time where they have to get disk space details on a server but the server has mount points configured and xp_fixeddrives doesn’t give you full information.

In such cases I use below script to get free space on the servers including mount point space as well, This script has been modified to give output in below format

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Change the Default installation path for SQL Server management Studio using Command Prompt

I have earlier written a blog post on how to change default installation path for SQL Server Management studio using PowerShell and registry editor here.
Since then I have tried different things and here I am again with a new way to install SQL Server management Studio from command line to an user desired path.

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