Books and Reference Material

SQL Server has tons of material available and in itself is a daunting task to read through and with so much happening its near impossible to keep yourself up to date.

Some of the reference material that I have used over past few years are as follows.

Benjamin Nevarez’s  books on query tuning are more than worth their price. I have started reading those to help me understand this aspect of SQL server and they are absolutely awesome.

Itzik Ben-gan if you are a just starting with SQL server and want to know about internals of SQL server development, Books by Itzik are a must

Kalen Delaney’s  any SQL Server Internals Book , Latest is about SQL server 2016.  Kalen’s books have helped me understand architecture of SQL Server and provided me with basic understanding of the Internals.

Blogs: There are tons of blogs out there but few I look in case I am in a soup are


Forums are a great place to look for troubles or issues people are facing and sometimes are a great help in case you face similar issue.

Learning Websites: